Propel Cares


Propel prides itself on great relationships with our patients.  We know that going to the doctor can feel like a chore. We also understand that  a certain level of trust needs to be established to let someone put their hands on you. So not only do we provide cutting edge techniques, we make you feel like family.


Build Relationships
At Propel we understand the emotional trauma associated with injury. We build personal bonds with our patients, working as a team to get you back to your life. We provide you maximum one-on-one time and return you to optimal health whether the injury is new or long standing.  

Produce Results
We provide our patients with excellent outcomes following arthroscopic surgeries, joint replacements, trauma, and general pain conditions as well as conservative injury management. We work to restore proper joint motion, normalize muscular balance and abolish pain.

Innovate Strategies
Unlike any other facility Propel utilizes an individualized, comprehensive, and evidence-based battery of tests to verify athletic readiness to return to play. These tests are athlete specific and functional in nature to truly mimic the joint stability, balance, and skill level needed to make a safe and proper transition back to sport and life