Comprehensive Motion Analysis

Propel Physical Therapy is excited to announce our Comprehensive Motion Analysis.  
This program is designed for athletes of all levels and aims to prevent injury and enhance performance.  Our goals are to tackle problems before they are ever an issue and improve movement quality and efficiency so athletes can spend more time in their sport.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will place the athlete through a series of research backed movement measures and video gait analysis using the professionally regarded Dartfish movement software to create a baseline of their motion.  Our doctors then implement manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilization, Graston soft-tissue mobilization, myofascial release, and corrective exercises to address all functional deficits.  Athletes are re-tested and the results will show a dramatic increase in their scores thereby thoroughly reducing their injury risk and improving their overall performance.  Upon successful completion the athlete will receive an independent exercise regimen to maintain their proper motion.  We also schedule regular follow ups at three month intervals to screen to make sure the athlete is still functioning properly.  

Through intervening with our Comprehensive Motion Analysis we aim to significantly improve performance and reduce the frequency of lower body injuries in athletes by providing awareness about their own motion patterns and function as well as their specific risk for injury.

Comprehensive Motion Analysis is unique. Unlike all other sports training programs it is medically based and performed by our Doctors.  It is covered by most major insurance.  Call our office to schedule!